History Of Buffets, Infusions Restaurant And The Okanagan College Culinary Arts Buffets

It was the 18th century, and in France the modern day buffet was developed which soon spread across Europe. Serving a meal to oneself has a long and interesting history, but the original term buffet referred to the sideboard where all the various types of food was served, although, eventually this style of eating was converted to modern day buffets.

The second half of the 19th century, especially in the English speaking world, buffets became extremely popular for meals. Lunch, or an informal luncheon which was originally a very light meal that was consumed between breakfast and dinner, and often replacing dinners. Buffets came in two styles of a meal, and started at the fashionable hour of “One O’Clock”. The “buffet” luncheon, and at which time the dining guests would stand while they eat their meal, or the luncheon served at small tables where the dining guests would be seated.

All buffet food must be eaten with a fork or a spoon, and the knife was strictly forbidden at these “buffet” lunches. The essentials of a “buffet” luncheon are covered by these following dishes. All types of beverages including coffee, tea, punch or chocolate which was poured from urns, or brought from a pantry on trays in filled cups. Hot entrées of various types which was served on a platter or from a chafing dish, and preceded by hot bouillon. Cold entrées such as salads, lobster, salmon, shrimp, crab, potatoes, chicken, and served with heavy dressings. Hot rolls, and sandwiches that were wafer-cut in size such as tomato and lettuce, ham, and many others. Plus desserts such as small cakes and pastries.

Buffets are very popular with people today, because, it offers plenty of food variety at a reasonable price. People with large appetites can feed themselves without waiting for their food to be served. Especially families with children, this is often a very important point when dining out. Buffets are definitely a nice dining alternative to conventional restaurants, because people can get the foods they want in the quantities they like. People can create their own dishes with more meat, less vegetables and fewer side dishes, plus creating salads with appealing ingredients that they enjoy. Buffets offer people the opportunity to try new types of food that they would not order off a menu in a restaurant.

Infusions Restaurant at the Okanagan College hosts several buffets every year, and the last “buffet” was held a week after their Okanagan Wine Festival Gourmet Dinner which attracted a sellout crowd of over 80 dining guests. Guests were treated to a “Five Course” gourmet dinner with special Okanagan Valley wines to accompany each course.

The Okanagan College Culinary Arts Buffet was prepared with the special talents of the new, up and coming future chefs of your favorite restaurants, cruise ships, hotels, ski and golf resorts, all directed and instructed by World Class Chefs. The buffet included fresh meats, poultry, seafood of all types, and of course Okanagan Valley fresh vegetables and fruits.

Infusions and the Okanagan College Culinary Arts Bakery had a spectacular dessert buffet for this special night with freshly made gourmet desserts, and with a delicious assortment of as many freshly made Pastries, Cakes, and Chocolate Confections as a person could possibly eat after the meal.

The Culinary Arts buffet offered a HUGH selection of seafood and seafood platters that were served at the buffet from Sushi Rolls, Dim Sum, Salmon, Coulibiac of Halibut to Shark and Lobster. Dishes containing Gratin of Potatoes & Yams, many types of Pasta with Grilled and Glazed Vegetables, and of course the Roast Beef and Beef Tenderloin, and ALL for $15.00!

For tourists, visitors or people in the Kelowna area and the Okanagan Valley who missed this “Spectacular Feast”, there will be another buffet held in early December at Okanagan College’s Infusions Restaurant.

Infusions Restaurant is run by future culinary chefs in the Culinary Arts program at Okanagan College with instruction from World Class Chefs, and the restaurant offers their dining guests a chance to experience fine gourmet dining at very reasonable prices.

Metadata For Online Mlm – Seo & Metatag, Title Tag & Meta Description

I want to mention I am not an SEO expert in any way. These are just some changes I researched that increased my websitegrader.com score about 35% when I implememted them. I hope that you can utilize this without too much confusion or work to get some improvements in your sites.

This article is a little more in depth on an answer to my question on SEO & metadata that I asked when I was getting started in this industry. I researched the question & answered it myself. It’s very basic, but if you have not implemented these basic concepts, you can do this and get 30-40% improvement on your websitegrader.com score just like I did.

First I will go over some basic definitions with you on the terms SEO, SEM, metadata, metatag, and meta description or meta description tag and then we will go over how to use them in your online MLM. If you are new to some other type of internet marketing and not in an online MLM, this will still be helpful info for you.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is making web pages friendly to search engine spiders and making them relevant to keywords you have decided to target.

SEM stands for search engine marketing. SEM is when you research, locate, submit and position your website in the search engines for the greatest exposure. SEM includes choosing target keywords and keyword phrases for your website’s metatags. It can also include buying and placing advertising in search eengines.

Metadata decsribes the content in other data . Web pages show metadata in the form of metatags. Keyword and meta description tags are genrally used to describe a website or webpages content. Search engines use the data when they add pages to the search index.

Title tag is often called meta title. The title tag and header tags are areas on a web page enclosed by heading tags. Heading tags are not always of equal importance, with regard to SEO. It depends somewhat on the number used in the headings or sub-headings. Title, heading tags and content need to be relevant to the keywords your web page targets.

Meta tag description is the information in one of the metatags that has the description of the web page or website. Search engines use this info when search results are displayed.

Metatags are there just for search engine spiders. The essential metatags are the meta description tag and keyword meta tag.

Keywords and key phrases are terms or words used in search engine inquiries.

Today search engines place less emphasis on metadata, especially the meta tags keywords as they are to easy to use for misleading searchers to your websites. The title tag (or meta title tag as it’s often referred to mistakenly) and the meta description tag are great places for keywords if they are used in a sentence format making them useful to people searching.

Your title tag and meta description are very important, when done properly they will increase your click thru rates. If meta tags are missing keywords or not readable by humans they will fail. (These are what you see in the blue bar at the top left of your internet explorer and in the title and description under the results, when you search on google).

You need to manipulate your title tag and meta description tag to sell and promote your products or services. Your title tag should be no more than 70 characters or google will not show it in the search results heading. Your meta description should be no more than 150 characters, and both should be very readable to the human eye. (If you make these too long they still help with SEO but are useless in terms of SEM).

The meta tags keywords are not as useful today because of the ease of manipulation I mentioned. Most emphasis has been moved to links and site content. Only use words in your meta keywords that are found in your meta title and meta description or in the content of your website. The more times your keyword shows up on a page or website, the more relevant the page is for that search.

Be careful about keyword density, as search engines and directories may downgrade your page because they consider stuffing your page with keywords to be spamming. Spend the most time writing your title tag. Think about your best keywords and craft that 70 characters like a masterful tweet. Use your main keywords or key phrases 3-5 times per article or page and make sure to use them at least 1-2 times in the 1st couple of paragraphs. Try to pepper them lightly through the beginning, middle and end of your content.

I hope this helps to make a complex subject easier. Obviously, if you have the money you can use SEO experts. I started my business on a very tight budget and so this was extremely helpful info for me to learn.

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