Super Bowl Xliii, The Football Game

The Super Bowl watched by billions, is the biggest single-day sporting event in the world, and is right around the corner! The Super Bowl is one of the few events where the entire family gets together, sits down and watches the football excitement live. Although, the Super Bowl is one of the largest sports events each year, a lot of people enjoy watching the Super Bowl ads for their interesting humor and graphics plus the halftime show with top entertainers such as Bruce Springsteen who will perform during the game as well.

Super Bowl XLIII will be one of the most viewed spectacles on television for this 43rd annual championship football game of the NFL which will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Arizona Cardinals with the AFC Champion considered the visiting football team, and the NFC Champion the home football team. Arizona Cardinals will make their debut in the Super Bowl, an amazing story, the last time they won a championship was in 1947. Does anyone really think the Cardinals can shock the nation like the New York Giants did in the 2008 Super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers on the other hand have been there before and won, and they are also seven point favorites to win another Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLIII, with all of the media blitz, a celebration of consumerism, the merchandising opportunities, television commercials, there is no mistaking that the Super Bowl is a huge deal, and is still the premier platform for an ad campaign. Super Bowl XLIII will be watched by billions, therefore advertising costs are at a premium, and is a prime time to get into the consumers brain. This is the only single event where an advertiser can reach a global audience of this size. The Super Bowl, more then ever is the one opportunity for companies and organizations to get the attention of a vast audience that will be watching the game in real time.

The Super Bowl is a showcase, not only the celebratory end to the football season, it is the championship game used to crown the king of the National Football League. Two football teams field highly paid players in an attempt to win the most important game of the season. Win or lose, the Super Bowl is a learning experience, and not only for the teams that play in it but for every student of the game. For many sports fans, the Super Bowl is the best excuse of the year to host a party. Even non-sports fans like to get in on this event. Some fans say football resembles chess, but with a lot more physical contact, and the day of the game is the biggest day of the year for football enthusiasts. If football fans have not yet sprung for a high definition television set, the week before Super Bowl XLIII it would be a good time to make the upgrade. The Cardinals do have a chance to shock the world.